Special Sales and Offers

Special Sales and Offers

Loyalty Program

Many pet stores offer a loyalty program. At Healthy Pets Boutique we have come up with a loyalty program of our own (for foods which offer these programs), and we think you will like it.  You won’t need to carry a card, mail in receipts or UPCs We track your food purchases in-store, and when you’re due for a free one, we simply give it to you.

Please be aware that some of the foods we offer do not support a loyalty program. Instead they return this savings to you as a cheaper purchase price, so you save each time you shop for that brand.

We offer an additional incentive by giving our pet food loyalty customers a further discount off all non-edible items such as: toys, accessories, collars, leads. You can take advantage of this discount right away, once you have picked your food, you can sign up for the loyalty program instantly.

In addition, throughout the year, from time to time, we offer special bonuses to any of our customers; but you have to be in the store regularly to see, or receive them.

Special Sales and Offers

Ask about our puppy and kitten kits for your new puppy, kitten, or rescue animal.  Let us help you with that new pet by giving them the best start in life.

Some of these sales coincide with the street sales that run throughout the spring and summer. We sponsor pet rescues on these occasions whenever we can. Your support and attendance are appreciated.

We also have regular in store specials and sales. Ask our staff.