Supplies & Accessories

Supplies & Accessories

Cleaning Supplies

We have cleaning solutions that are pet safe and proven to work. Before you try to clean a pet stain with a traditional cleaner come and see us.

Cat Furniture

Cats enjoy a safe place that is all their own. If it’s somewhere with a view that is better. We have a wide selection of pet houses, and affordable climbing structures.

Cat Litter and Cleanup

Cat pan, scoops and litter. Cats are neat and tidy and prefer clean litter. If you have multiple cats, you need multiple litter sites. We have tried many litters and pans with our own pets. We have listened to customer feedback. We have come up with a selection of lower maintenance litters that are affordable and work well.

Pet carriers and training crates.

Pet Carriers and Crates; these come in different sizes and formats. We have collapsible, wire, and plastic shell. We can help you select the right size for your pet.

Collars, leashes, and harness’s.

We carry a wide variety of collars, leads, harness’s; including We have a selection of cloth/nylon, leather and metal collars and leads. If you need muzzles, we stock cloth and plastic in most sizes. We have training collars and leads to help with pulling issues.

Pet apparel, protection, training equipment and gear.

We have a variety of pet apparel and outerwear for different seasons. You will also find rain and sun and heat protection shells.

We carry training Aids and Pet Equipment, some of which are recommended by local rescues or trainers.