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Healthy Pets Boutique latest business to open in Old Town Kemptville
Ashley Kulp, Kemptville EMC
Healthy Pets Boutique is one of the newest businesses to call Old Town Kemptville home, having opened up its doors at 111 Prescott St. on June 11.

EMC News – A love of pets and a dedication to ensuring they have healthy and happy lives is what led Ralph Schuh and his wife Debra Blimkie Schuh to open Healthy Pets Boutique in Kemptville recently.

This is the second location for the couple, who have been operating their first store in Brockville for the past five years. They officially opened the Kemptville store at 111 Prescott St. on June 11 and according to Debra, the Healthy Pets team couldn’t be happier.

“We really all are excited to be in Kemptville and so far we have had such beautiful customers. I can’t even describe how wonderful they are,” she remarked, adding that during the grand opening each pet in the store received free cookies and a number of door prizes were handed out while local dignitaries cut the ribbon to open the boutique.

Self-professed pet lovers, Debra is a former certified groomer and has previously worked in animal hospitals. With that background in pet health and safety and three cats who are all rescues, she said it was a no brainer for them to open Healthy Pets Boutique.

Planning for the store has been in the works for about a year as the perfect location was being sought. Debra noted they scouted out Kemptville at the request of customers.

“We had a lot of people talking to us about that and how Kemptville would make a really nice location,” she said, noting that the store manager of both the Kemptville and Brockville stores is Kelly Fields Bain, who lives in South Mountain. “She’s been commuting for almost five years (to Brockville) so it’s great for her.”

Once a spot was found, the Healthy Pets team worked for six months to transform the space so they could open their doors. As a boutique store, Debra said a strong emphasis is put on pet care and ensuring customers get the right products for their furry friend.

“Deep in our hearts, all of our staff care about the well-being of pets. We won’t sell something to someone we don’t think is right for their pet,” she explained. “Our strongest focus is pet care and I think that’s what sets us apart from everyone else out there.”

Another focus is on making customers feel right at home in the store. Pets are also always welcome. “We want the customers to enjoy shopping and creating that feel-good atmosphere,” Debra commented.

Healthy Pets Boutique offers competitive pricing to other stores and customers can feel good knowing all staff are fully trained on the nutritional needs of dogs, cats and other small animals.

“We have to have that in-store training and everyone who is hired goes through it,” Debra stated, noting that it allows staff to offer knowledgeable advice to customers. “But we never interfere with what their veterinarian has recommended. If they want to try a new food, we suggest they take the ingredient panel to their vet to see if they should use it.”

In addition to carrying a variety of quality pet foods, the store offers other toys, treats, clothing, pet hygiene items as well as merchandise for small animals and fish, though no live pets are sold there. “We work really strongly with humane societies in the area, because so many pets already need homes in the area,” Debra said.

A back door pickup option also eliminates the hassle of customers having to lug large bags of pet food long distances.

“I think that service we offer is key,” she stated.

Healthy Pets Boutique is open from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is closed on Sundays. For more information, call 613-258-5744 or visit their website, currently under construction,


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Posted Jun 23, 2011 By EMC News
 Healthy Pets Boutique is one of the newest businesses to call Old Town Kemptville home, having opened up its doors at 111 Prescott St. on June 11.

Healthy Pets Boutique featured on CTV Morning Ottawa.